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Hi, I'm Natalie!

I am a Front-End Web Developer based in Toronto. My passion is creating apps and websites that focus on user interaction and accessibility.

Having grown up between Trinidad and Canada, I've learned to see the beauty in perspective, and the strength in diversity. That’s what I love about web development - I have the opportunity to create incredible websites in an environment that celebrates being unique. I decided that tech is where I want to be, so I took the plunge into the Web Development Immersive program at HackerYou. I love how challenging yet rewarding programming is. It involves problem-solving, determination and inspiration towards what I can create. I am becoming more and more motivated to see how far I can take this skill, thus immersing myself in Toronto’s tech scene!

A Small Selection Of My Work:

What's Your 1980's Theme Song?

Javascript / jQuery / HTML5 / Sass

A fun and interactive quiz. Because knowing which 80's theme song suits you best is important information to have!!

screenshot of app called what's your 80's theme song?
photo of horoscope app

Horoscope App

React / API / HTML5 / Sass

A dynamic horoscope app to brighten your day! Just type in your astrological sign and you will given some advice, your lucky color and even your sign compatibility.

What's For Dinner?

Javascript / jQuery / HTML5 / Sass

A site that solves the never-ending problem of where to go out to eat. Created in conjunction with a wonderful human, Alice Lau.

photo of app called 'what's for dinner?''
photo of app called 'last minute cocktails'

Last Minute Cocktails

React / Firebase / API

An app that allows a user to discover drink recipes by name or by ingredient.

Fun PLace

HTML5 / Sass / Git

A responsive PSD conversion website, designed to code a website from scratch using a client breif

photo of website called 'fun place'

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